Cherry_POS_1CA proven team of cherry experts…
and your promotion partner.

我妈跟我说她想做,我让年迈父亲尝了性At Rivermaid Trading Company, we have assembled one of the most experienced marketing teams in the industry – a team of veteran cherry sales, marketing and merchandising experts. We know our growers, our orchards and our product. And just as important we know the category and we’ll work with you to achieve the most strategic ad timing and pricing possible.

我妈跟我说她想做,我让年迈父亲尝了性Just as we do in the pear category, we identify and act on cherry category insights and opportunities and develop results-oriented programs to:

  • Cherry_POS_1BEnhance display quality and effectiveness
  • Educate the consumer
  • Induce product trial and generate new cherry users
  • Increase purchase quantity – the number of cherry packages purchased per visit
  • Motivate your store level managers
  • Educate and train your store level staff

Partner with us on some of our proven consumer education ideas below or work with our marketing team to develop an innovative program to address your specific needs.

Innovative alternative use ideas

Many consumers don’t know that cherries freeze well for up to three months. We’ve learned that promoting this little known fact motivates consumers to buy more cherries while they’re available.Cherry_RecipePad_1A

Recipe ideas

While most cherries are eaten out of hand, we have learned that giving simple innovative recipes, spurs the imagination of consumers and increases purchase volume.

Heath and Nutrition messages:

Cherry_POS_1ACherries are loaded with nutrition. When consumers learn specific detail about the unique nutritional benefits of a product, their purchase volume increases. The cherry nutrition story is often forgotten due to high product demand, so use Rivermaid Trading Company’s nutritional messages to drive additional volume.

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