Golden Bosc

Golden Bosc

Season: Late July - November

Growing Region:我妈跟我说她想做,我让年迈父亲尝了性 Sacramento River Delta, Lake and Mendocino Counties California, Rogue River Valley and The Hood River Valley, Oregon

Flavor Profile:我妈跟我说她想做,我让年迈父亲尝了性 Beneath the russet skin is a sweet-spicy flesh that is tender and crunchy

Ripening: The Golden Bosc is a firmer pear. Allow it to ripen at room temperature. It is ready to eat when it gives to gentle pressure at its neck and when you see its stem begin to shrivel at its base

The Golden Bosc is ideal for baking, poaching and cooking. However it is also excellent eaten sliced with strong cheeses and wine.

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