Cherry Health & Nutrition


Rivermaid cherries are full of vitamins, nutrients and a wide range of health benefits. In addition to being a good source of Vitamin C, our cherries are also high in iron, potassium, dietary fiber and antioxidants. They may even offer anti-inflammatory benefits. All in a delicious small package that’s low in calories and contains no fat or sodium!

  • Heart Disease Prevention
    According to researchers, a flavonoid found in cherries that has anticarcinogenic properties called quercetin can help to prevent heart disease. Cherries are considered a nutritionally significant source of quercetin, containing large quantities per serving that surpass most fruits.
  • Cancer Prevention
    A phenolic acid called amygdalin, also termed Vitamin B17 and laetrile, found in the kernels of cherries and other fruits, has been shown to reduce tumor size and the further spread of cancer, as well as to alleviate the pains of the cancerous process. Populations such as the Hunza in Pakistan that have always incorporated amygdalin into their diets have remained cancer free, leading scientists to believe that its consumption could also be a powerful cancer prevention food.
  • Pain Relief
    Anthocyanins found in cherries also block inflammatory enzymes, reducing pain. In fact, 20 cherries are 10 times as potent as aspirin and have positive effects on gout and arthritis pain.
  • Bone Health
    Sweet cherries are also considered to be excellent sources of boron, providing 396 ug/100g. Boron consumption, coupled with calcium and magnesium has been linked to improving bone health.

Source: The California Cherry Advisory Board

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