Product Handling

Improper handling can impact the quality and appearance of the fruit, reducing sales and profitability. Follow these easy handling tips to maximize your movement of Rivermaid Trading Company cherries:

  • Handle cherries carefully and delicately to avoid bruising
  • Display cherries in a refrigerated dry rack
  • Keep cherries as cold as possible, ideally at 32°F (0°C) and 90-95% humidity, for freshness up to 10 days
  • When possible, refrigerate your cherry display cases overnight to maximize shelf life
  • Display cherries in shipping boxes with false bottoms to prevent molding and crushing
  • Don’t stack bagged cherries in order to prevent crushing, aid air circulation and reduce breakdown
  • Avoid misting with water once in your store
  • Keep cherries out of sunlight to avoid softening and stem damage
  • Train baggers to place cherries at the top of grocery bags to prevent bruising
  • Order enough Rivermaid Trading Company cherries to avoid out-of-stock situations
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