Food safety is our number one operational priority.

我妈跟我说她想做,我让年迈父亲尝了性Our agriculture and packing operation is among the cleanest and safest in the industry. In fact Rivermaid Trading Company is the largest supplier of pears to the baby food industry – an industry with the highest possible supply chain safety standard.

Third party certification:

Our agriculture and packing operations are rated one of the highest in the industry by a third party auditor.

PrimusGFS – Certification level: 93.3 Excellent


California Association of Food Banks


California Association of Food Banks recognizes Rivermaid Trading Company for Generous Support of the .

Rivermaid Trading Company donated 3,199,548 pounds of fresh produce to Californians in need in 2015, for a total of 12.4 million pounds of nutritious food to aid in the mission to end hunger.

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