Breads, Muffins, Scones n` Things

You’ve seen (and been wowed by, obvs) our extensive menu of kawaii cupcakes, the myriad of unique and traditional flavors and themes, but as our customers know the LHBakery is so much more than just cupcakes!

We’ve been happily providing Tokyo and Yokohama with a range of hearty, homemade style treats for a while now as well. If you are looking for something sweet (but not not too sweet) and adult friendly, to share with family, friends or co-workers, these treats make a great morning or afternoon snack, and most are wonderfully portable, making them ideal for work functions and parties.

There are also unlisted gluten free, lowcarb, special diet, and paleo possibilities (blackbean or paleo brownies, nutflour muffins, cookies, breads etc), please email LHB for menu and prices. And don’t hesitate to enquire regarding options you can’t find on our online menu, our repertoire is forever a work in progress, and we’re nothing if not flexible!

Quickbreads, Loaves, Muffins and Scones * 

All breads ¥1500 unless otherwise listed

Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Orange bread

Carrot bread



Seasonal fruit bread/seasonal fruit muffins (6) (please request for presences!)

Scones (6)

Dark Chocolate, Rosemary and olive oil bread Y2000

Lemon Poppyseed Poundcake (whole cake Y2500/6 muffins Y1700)

Red Wine Apple Pie Y2200

Traditional Apple Pie Y2200

* Most loaves and bread are available as muffins