Patrick Archibeque

Patrick Archibeque

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick came to Rivermaid Trading Company in 2003 with two degrees from UC Davis (a B.S. in Agricultural Science & Management and an MBA) and a wealth of industry experience. He was named Sales Manager in 2006, COO in 2008, and CEO in 2011, a position that enables him to develop the company’s vision and execute its goals on a daily basis.

我妈跟我说她想做,我让年迈父亲尝了性“We have a clear vision of where we’re going, we’re developing awesome human talent and hiring even more talent as we grow,” Patrick says. “We’re looking hard at what we do and how we can get better at it. Perishability is pressure. Strategy is stimulating.”

我妈跟我说她想做,我让年迈父亲尝了性That kind of intensity is in Patrick’s DNA and in the heart of our company, fueled by Patrick’s belief in education, travel and observation. During his tenure with Marko Zaninovich, Patrick traveled to Asia and Europe to observe his products at market. “There was nothing more valuable in my experience,” he says.

我妈跟我说她想做,我让年迈父亲尝了性At the same time, he puts a premium on activities our entire team can enjoy together. “We drive pear category growth with good data and by giving consumers the most flavorful eating experience, and we want to have fun doing it,” he explained.

我妈跟我说她想做,我让年迈父亲尝了性“We’re passionate about our categories, and we want to be the world’s authorities on them.”

Apart from his role at Rivermaid Trading Company, Patrick’s interests run the gamut from hunting to music, wine to fantasy football. He enjoys coaching youth soccer, and serves as a board member of the California Pear Advisory Board and the California Pear Growers Association.

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