我妈跟我说她想做,我让年迈父亲尝了性Joan has spent her entire career in the pear industry, including the past five years at Rivermaid Trading Company. “It’s kind of all I know,” she says.

Having earned a BS in Agricultural Economics from UC Davis, Joan now focuses her education and experience on making buyers’ lives easier and making sure consumers get top-quality produce. She also loves being in the orchards and seeing the fruit ripen, knowing it will one day be enjoyed as part of a salad, lunch or favorite recipe. What’s most special to Joan, though, is working with families that have been farming the same orchards, generation after generation, and playing a vital role in packing, selling and educating in order to keep those orchards operating.

我妈跟我说她想做,我让年迈父亲尝了性“I love that we sell a product that’s real food, that I buy at the store and feed my family,” Joan says. “I feel good calling buyers and saying it’s time for pears! People outside the ag industry don’t often think about how food gets to the grocery store, and I really enjoy explaining what we do to someone on the other side.”

Married and the mother of two, Joan enjoys such diverse interests as camping, water sports, gardening, reading and yoga, when she’s not busy providing Rivermaid Trading Company customers with our uniquely personal brand of service.

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