Love Hate Bake is downsizing

It’s sad but true.

From now until the foreseeable future, the Love Hate Bakery will be run entirely by Miss Ella. I (Shana) have been busy filling my last cupcake orders before I leaves the land of the rising sun. A little bit of European travel is in my short-term plans and when I arrives back in Canada (if the competition isn’t too stiff) I’ll will probably start baking again. So all you East coast Canadians be prepared, I’m bringing Japanese flavours and designs with me!

That being said, if you want to place an order please continue to do so through the website but do so well in advance so that Ella can be sure to fit you in.

It has been so much fun learning and growing with Love Hate Bake which started as just a blog but has grown into a lovely little side business.

Take care everyone.