Review: Notting Hill Cakes

If you’ve been keeping up with our reviews you’ll know that we haven’t had much luck with finding good cupcakes in Tokyo. But then we found . Located in Jiyugaoka, Notting Hill Cakes is part of a much larger cafe called .

I had fairly high expectations for these cupcakes as they’re suppose to be from London and from what I see and hear London cupcakes are pretty damn good.

As you can see they had a nice selection and their flavours had more of a Western feel than other cupcake shops. Mint Tree, Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla, Strawberry, Pistachio and Chocolate Raspberry. I was torn between Mint Tree and Chocolate Raspberry but decided to go with the latter due to the smaller price tag.

Because I love cupcakes so much and bake them, I am very critical of other cupcakes. Eating a cupcake that someone else has made is more of a scientific study rather than simply eating.

First, I taste the frosting by itself, then the cake by itself and then cake and frosting together. At first glance I could tell that the frosting was not the typical whipped cream based frosting that is normally used in Japan but was actual buttercream. Hallelujah! This was already shaping up to be a great cupcake experience.

The flavour was spot on. Light chocolate flavour with a hint of raspberry. Freeze dried specks of raspberry sprinkled the top of the cupcake along with powered sugar. Underneath the mountain of buttercream I found a dollop of raspberry buttercream. Finally someone got frosting right!

Next it was time for the cake. I was a little worried due to my previous experiences.

I can tell you that the flavour was full in this cake but they were a bit stale. They were clearly not baked fresh that day or even the day before. I hope the staleness was due to being frozen and not because they had been sitting around for a long time.

Had these cupcakes been fresh I would have given 5/5 stars (if I gave star ratings). Maybe if you go as soon as they open or on a different day (I was there on a Saturday) the cakes will be more fresh.

Notting Hill Cakes also bakes cookies and muffins, which I have yet to try.

ノッティングヒル ケークス&ギフト
東京都世田谷区奥沢5-28-1 fino JIYUGAOKA B1F

Notting Hill Cakes & Gifts
Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, 5-28 Okusawa
Fino Jiyugaoka B1F
TEL: 03-5483-8811