Review: Chikaco Cupcakes: Machida

The first stop on our little Tokyo cupcake adventure is a little place called Chikaco Cupcakes. I say little because what’s great about this place is that it’s not a cake shop in the traditional sense. Chikaco Cupcakes is run out of a small van that is parked next to Cafe Katsuo.

Since this was one of the first cupcakes I had found in Japan, I was excited. The cupcakes came in sets so you didn’t have to waste time choosing just one cupcake and then regretting not getting the other flavor you were pining for.

¥850 gets you 3 cupcakes while ¥1700 gets you a half dozen. It seems pricey but we are in Tokyo and the prices on everything is inflated. Unfortunately you don’t get to pick your own set, the flavors are already set.

Set A includes: Shortcake, Orange Tea, Tiramisu

Set B includes: Caramel, Honey Apple Tea, Double Cherry

Since the tiramisu flavor is everywhere in Japan I wasn’t really interested in that but I am a big fan of cherry and caramel. Decision made! Unfortunately I had some errands to run and wasn’t able to dive into my cupcakes until a few hours later but luckily Japan has a wonderful cold pack service*.

By the time I got around to eating my cupcakes didn’t look as pretty as they did when I first bought them but that didn’t stop me from eating all three in one sitting.

I know you would all like a flavor by flavor review but honestly it would be a waste of time because even though I expected the cakes to be different, they all ended up tasting the same. The cake itself was dry and flavorless. I know that they weren’t fresh baked that day but I fear that even if they had been I still don’t think the flavor would be there. Even the chocolate based cake was bland. The frosting most commonly used in Japan is not actually frosting at all it’s whipped cream with a touch of color and/or flavor added. I knew that the same was for these cakes but I thought that maybe they had taken some care and actually tasted their frosting before they piped it on. The frosting too was tasteless.

The only thing these cupcakes had going for them (besides how pretty they looks) were the fresh fruits. In the center of the double cherry cupcake was a nice cherry jam that would have paired well if the cake had some flavor.

I was incredible disappointed with these little cakes. In case you want to try them out for yourself you can find the address below. I hope our next review is a positive one.


Chikaco Cupcakes
東京都町田市森野1-36-11WALD136 1F
Tokyo, Machida City, 1-36-11 Morino, Wald 136 1F

*Often when you buy things that must be kept cold the cashier will ask if you need ice. Then they wrap your food up with a small ice pack to keep it cold until you get to your destination.