Tokyo Cupcake Reviews

For a city that is known for being ahead of the curve and who’s people love to indulge in the sweets of Europe, Tokyo is a little behind the rest of the world when it comes to cupcakes.

These tasty little cakes do exist here but are rare and not so easy to find.

Love.Hate.Bate. decided to go on a city-wide hunt for cupcakes for you, our readers (actually we’re still on this exhausting but deliciously rewarding hunt). We’re bringing you honest, tried and tested reviews of each and every cupcake this city has to offer. Well, maybe not EVERY cupcake but we’ll certainly hit up every restaurant, cake shop, and cafe that have cupcakes and try a few flavors.

Disclaimer: Tokyo is a city that is always changing so please check if a store we mention is still open before hoping on a train.

Keep an eye open for our first review of a little cupcake truck in Machida…