Trotski and Ash

Recently Love.Hate.Bake. had the pleasure of speaking with Sarah Trotter and Romy Ash, better known as super talented food blogging duo Trotski and Ash. Trotski and Ash are two girls from Melbourne, Australia, aka my hometown, Sarah is a published stylist (both food and fashion), while Romy is an award winning writer who has written … Read more

Coconut Lime Cupcakes with Spicy Chocolate Buttercream

Recipe 1: Hot Stuff Comin’ Through I started out with inspiration from my friend Joanne–a fellow cupcake lover and budding photographer–when she asked, “have you ever heard of Mexican chocolate?” I was intrigued as I am a lover of chocolate and spicy foods of any sort. I went on a long internet adventure to find … Read more

Vegan Mango cupcakes with Vegan Avocado Buttercream Frosting

The first time Shana and I got together for a  bakedate, I decided to try a recipe I’d had in mind for a while. It came to me after drinking one of the best damn smoothies I ever had, a mix of avocado and mango. When I was told what was in it I, naturally, … Read more

Guinness Cupcakes with Orange Cream Frosting

Miss Ella and I had our first bake date. Yay! History: Since it was our first time we each chose only one recipe each so that we could ease ourselves into the wonderful world of cupcakes. I chose a classic cake recipe with a twist while Ella went for something a little more modern (Ella’s … Read more

Pick Your Poison Bake Shop Las Vegas

Co-author Shana Graves and myself love cupcakes. We love cupcakes a lot. We bake them, eat them, take pictures of them, read about them, write about them and tell our friends about them. We like them weird or plain, pretty (though we’ll eat ‘em ugly too) and with funny things baked inside them. With tea … Read more

Japanese to English: Ingredients

If you’re going to bake in Japan there are some words that you need to know before heading out to the supermarket. Trust me it’s much easier to have an idea of what you’re looking for rather than hoping to find what you’re looking for by simply looking at the package. Here’s a translated list … Read more


Welcome to Love. Hate. Bake. We are two writers, Ella Jean, an Australian, and Shana Graves, a Canadian, both living in Tokyo, Japan. We are cupcake enthusiasts, cafe nerds, and lovers of good design and good food, two things which often go hand in hand in Tokyo. The purpose of this platform is to share … Read more


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