Vegan Mango cupcakes with Vegan Avocado Buttercream Frosting


The first time Shana and I got together for a  bakedate, I decided to try a recipe I’d had in mind for a while.
It came to me after drinking one of the best damn smoothies I ever had, a mix of avocado and mango. When I was told what was in it I, naturally, asked “Dude, who the f..k puts avocado in a smoothie???” and was promptly advised not to knock it til I’d tried it. It was seriously awesome, and got me thinking…what’s even MORE awesome than smoothies? CUPCAKES!

Mango Cupcakes

I decided to do a vegan version of these cupcakes, as I am quite partial to vegan baked goods, I find vegan cakes tend to be more dense and moist than their eggy counterparts, and dense and moist is how I like my cake.
For the cake I used a recipe from , it calls for cardomom in the cake, which I thought sounded delish. I was right. I’m great! I also replaced canola oil with olive oil, as I love olive oil in baked goods, it has a richer flavour than standard veggie oils I think, without being overpowering.
As explained by Shana in previous posts, measurment in Japan differ from what I’m used to in Australia, but unlike Shana, I decided to adjust and convert each measurement into grams, after halving it to begin with. Cause I like doing things the hard way. Im pretty sure it resulted in some slightly inaccurate measurements, cause im not real smart, but my cupcakes turned out full size, whereas Shanas Choc/Guiness/Orange masterpieces were slightly smaller than we expected.

The following recipe is the full version, which will make around 12 full size cupcakes, or 8-ish if you’re Japanese.

1 1/2 cups all purpose flour

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp cardamom powder

Sift all the ingredients into a bowl and set aside.

In another bowl, beat together until well-mixed:

1 1/2 cups mango puree

1/3 cup olive oil (or any vegetable oil)

2/3 cup granulated sugar

1 tsp vanilla

Add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix with a whisk just until you have a smooth batter. (The recipe I used advised not to overmix or beat, however I alllllways find my mixtures need more mixing to get proper smooth, and it never seems to affect the outcome!)

Divide batter evenly into a greased or nonstick muffin tray, or use cupcake liners.

Bake in a preheated 350-degree oven about 27 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Make sure to do the toothpick thing! All ovens are different.

Avocado ‘Buttercream’

I fail at at frosting pretty consistently. I don’t know why, but every time I make it, it’s never quite right. Its always delicious, and usually salvageable, but its never quite perfect. I don’t know what Shana’s secret is, hers is always light, sweet, fluffy and delicious. I’m pretty sure she’s a witch.
In the end, my frosting, while crazy yum, was quite runny. I compensated by adding more icing sugar and about a teaspoon of corn flour, which did the trick.

Sidenote, something I thought everyone knew: lemonjuice will stop an avocado from turning brown.

The following is the full version (for 12 cupcakes), which I halved and had A LOT left over. This recipe was intended for a cake, and can be found over at  , who might not be Nigella, but is wayyyy talented.

2 avocados

2 teaspoon lemon juice

½ teaspoon lemon extract

2 cups icing sugar

Peel, pit and dice your avs. Place in a bowl with the lemon juice and beat with an electric mixer until smooth. I used a handheld electric mixer and it took some time to get good and smooth.
Add the powdered sugar a little at a time and mix until smooth.
Finally beat in the lemon extract.

I piped my frosting onto my cupcakes in cute little spirals, but I seriously think this frosting would be amazing on toast. Shana’s boyfriend described it as “like avocado jam” which I think is a great description, it was quite tart and really fruity.

These cakes will last in an airtight container in the fridge for a few days. I froze mine for a week, and when I defrosted them, they were possibly even better. Maybe I’m imagining it, but I think they were even more moist a week later, and even fruitier!

Seriously, is there anything not awesome about cupcakes?

5 Responses to “Vegan Mango cupcakes with Vegan Avocado Buttercream Frosting”
  1. says:

    Avocado frosting! Why have I never thought of this? These sound awesome, though I will have to fight my mango-and-avocado-loving toddler for them…

    • says:

      I was honestly surprised at how crazy good these were! For a first attempt at a kinda weird recipe, they were next-level tasty, the frosting has a surprising flavour but really keeps its avocado-ey-ness haha! Let us know how they turn out if you give them a go!

  2. says:

    I’m so glad that you liked these-they look great and thank you for the lovely mention! :D

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