Pick Your Poison Bake Shop Las Vegas

Taryn Mumpower and Robyn Holt

Co-author Shana Graves and myself love cupcakes. We love cupcakes a lot. We bake them, eat them, take pictures of them, read about them, write about them and tell our friends about them. We like them weird or plain, pretty (though we’ll eat ‘em ugly too) and with funny things baked inside them. With tea or wine, for breakfast or dinner.
There’s something else we love as much as cupcakes, and consume more than we should, and just as guiltily… Booze. Booze, booze, booze. Beer, wine, liquor- in all its shapes and forms, we’re there. So, to say we were happy to discover a pair of chefs combining our two favouritest things in the whole wide world is, y’know, kind of an understatement.
While searching for some inspiration on what to bake next, Shana stumbled across the website of two badass girls over in sunny Las Vegas doing some wonderful things with booze n’ cakes.
Booze and cake and girls…Oh my!
Like us, Robyn Holt and Taryn Mumpower over at are enthusiastic about their passions, in their own words,

“This is not your average bakery! If you’re looking for a plain vanilla cupcake, we’re sure there is a local franchise that can fulfill your boring needs…”

Truer words were never spoken, fun and delicious-sounding flavours like Jagerbomb, a redbull cake with Jagermeister buttercream frosting and Cherry Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper cake with cherry frosting, are standard in the girls’ repertoire, and they will even deliver “straight to your front porch!” if you’re lucky enough to live in Las Vegas.

For the unfortunate souls like myself who don’t live in gas, the best I can offer you is my sympathy, some food porn via their website, and the following interview with the lovely and funny Robyn Holt, who was kind enough to answer a few questions for Love. Hate. Bake.

Enter Robyn Holt, Jameson enthusiast and one half of Pick Your Poison Las Vegas Bake Shop

Love.Hate.Bake: You two lovely ladies are known for your bizarro cupcake flavours- What is the weirdest food you cannot get enough of?

Robyn Holt : Taryn loves loves pickles and I love any pickled vegetables especially radish.

LHB: Do you have a favourite cupcake to bake?

R: I love making s’mores or anything chocolate just so I can lick the bowl

LHB: Who is your chef or food related crush?

R: Chef Sam Mason. He’s known as the rock n’ roll chef and hosts on the IFC channel. He creates a cocktail to go with all of his meals then has a kick ass band play in his living room.

LHB: What do you think is the most underrated cooking ingredient?

R: I personally think Asian fruits is a food that is under rated and not used enough in
dishes nowadays. I love the texture and mild tart taste of the star fruit and the sweet
crisp flavor of lychee.

LHB: Can you describe each others cooking style?

R: Taryn is very nonchalant and confident when she bakes. She is very talented,
can take any ingredient and make it absolutely delicious, it’s a gift. She loves to be
challenged. My style is more can I get fries with that?

LHB: When you’re not eating your own delicious and badass baked treats, where is your favourite place to eat?

R: We both love Amazing wine list, craft beers and the tapas are
to die for especially the warm beets and goat cheese with pistachios.

LHB: Thanks so much for stopping to chat, lastly…could you share a recipe with us?

R: Hmmm….I can’t. But, I can tell you the number one ingredient in all of our delicious outta this world cupcakes…. is love. ;)

For ordering information and pictures of sexy women holding cake, please visit or send an email to the girls at pickyourpoisonlv@gmail.com

All image copywrite Pick Your Poison Bake Shop

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