Japanese to English: Ingredients

If you’re going to bake in Japan there are some words that you need to know before heading out to the supermarket. Trust me it’s much easier to have an idea of what you’re looking for rather than hoping to find what you’re looking for by simply looking at the package.

Here’s a translated list of ingredients regularly used in baking:

Flour – フラワー (furawaa)
Bread flour – 強力粉 (kyourikiko) パン用 (panyou)
All purpose flour – 中力粉 (chuurikiko)
‘Weak’ flour – 薄力粉 (hakurikiko)
Whole wheat – 全麦 (zenbaku)
Baking soda – 重曹 (juusou)
Baking powder – ベーキングパウダー (beekingu paudaa)
Yeast – ドライ イースト (dorai iisuto)
Gelatin – ゼラチン (zerachin)
Food colouring – 食用色素 (shokujoushikiso)
Honey – はちみつ (hachimitsu)
Vanilla essence – バニラ (banira) バニラビーンズ (banirabiinzu)
Cinnamon – シナモン (shinamon)
Cream cheese – クリームチーズ (kuriimuchiizu)
Granulated sugar – グラニュー糖 (gurannyutou)
Powdered sugar – 粉砂糖 (konazatou)
Table salt – 食塩 (shokuen)
Butter - バター (bataa)
Unsalted butter – 食塩不使用 (shokuenfushiyou)

Most of these items are available at any supermarket. For specialized ingredients you’ll have to visit a baking store. Our personal favorite, .

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